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      Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne have vast experience of 12+years. We offer high-quality domestic and commercial rug cleaning services at an affordable price. Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne is a reputable supplier of carpet and rug cleaning services in Melbourne. We deal with carpet cleaning needs of every sort. We're effective at cleaning any size or form of carpet. Regardless of the state of it by using the cleaning agents that are absolutely safe and healthy for the carpets and all residents or office workers, we return it to its previous and fresh look condition. To learn more about our Rug Cleaning Service Melbourne, feel free to reach us at 0480014589.

      We Offer the Following Professional Rug Cleaning Service in Melbourne:
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      • Green cleaning solutions
      • Inclusive of Stain Protection
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        We are Professional Rug Cleaners

        In addition to our expertise in Carpet, we are also known for our best and reliable results. Apart from that we should be chosen for the following reasons.

        • Affordable Rug Cleaning Services - We offer our clients all over Melbourne with the most reasonable rug cleaning services.
        • Registered Professionals - We strictly hire practitioners who are accredited in order to comply with all the industry standards.
        • Secure Rug Cleaning - All over Melbourne, we offer safe and adequate rug cleaning services.
        • Proficiency - In this area of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have good amount of experience to be called professionals and experts.
        • Advanced technology - To provide our customers with the finest and best rug cleaning, we have the most latest technology.
        • Emergency Rug Cleaning - Our same day and emergency rug cleaning services can be obtained at no extra cost.

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          Expert Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services

          Our Rug Cleaning Melbourne experts recommend the following process for rugs or carpets, given the quality of the rug and the amount of cleaning required:

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            Inspection: To be sure of the quality and fabric of the carpet or rug, inspection is the required step. Because of this step, we understand the needs of the carpet in order to be able to implement the correct and efficient rug cleaning process.

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            Vacuuming: We start vacuuming on it after getting to know all of the dusty and stained carpet. Vacuuming is a blend of several carpet cleaning techniques. Our techniques are genuinely efficient and tested. Our experts apply our vacuuming phase so that we get the desirable result of cleaning the carpet.

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            Extraction of hot water: The amount of water used in hot water is a very effective way to remove all the chemicals and dirt from the carpets.

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            Drying: Wet carpet is created to mould the carpets and other hazardous occurrences. Letting the carpet wet is not healthy. We apply our fast dryer to dry out the washed and wet carpet to ensure the protection and quality of the fabric of carpets or rugs.

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            Post-Inspection: The way to ensure a reliable carpet cleaning service is post-inspection. Then we clean it out immediately if we notice an unnecessary appearance in it.

          Best Melbourne Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

          If you are a land owner or a house owner, carpet cleaning is essential for both areas. In order to avoid health complications and toxins, carpets should always be in a fine and safe state. In many locations, such as restaurants, offices, schools, warehouses, and hospitals, you can take advantage of our services. We have a team of professionals who only offer the highest quality services. Spark Rug Cleaning is Melbourne's most renowned and trusted rug cleaners that provide advanced and skilled Rug Cleaning Service.

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          Professional Rug Cleaning Service

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          Our Approach to Rug Cleaning Services Melbourne

          Our approach is not complex but highly effective five-step process for rug cleaning at Rug Cleaning Service


          The session starts with a basic rug inspection to select the most appropriate cleaning solution for it.

          Best Cleaning

          This is performed to extract dry particles from the rug surface, including soil and gravel.

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          Bacteria Killing

          Bacteria Killing uses an incredibly powerful agent that eliminates both germs and toxins of all kinds.

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          Future safety

          We add an anti-bacterial solution to the rug so that there is no production of any harmful germs and contaminants.

          The final step

          The final step in the rug cleaning process is to add deodorizer to the rug, thus leaving a good scent behind.

          To keep your family protected from any undesired diseases, get your rugs washed regularly.

          Customer Reviews


          The best cleaner for your carpets would be a solvent that is approved and checked for carpet cleaning. Make sure it is as per your carpet fibre type.

          Response- Yes, if you know how cleaning methods and solutions can be used and implemented, the carpet can be washed.

          You should implement the carpet steam cleaning method to thoroughly clean your carpet. It is beneficial in removing all forms of issues with carpet cleaning.

          One of the best cleaning methods is Carpet steam cleaning as it removes all types of stains, allergens and odours.

          Rugs of all kinds are welcome! We include Turkish, Oriental, Shag, Cotton, Silk, Synthetic, Persian and Wool rugs, and more home and commercial carpets.

          We handle each rug individually since each one is unique. We use different cleaning methods for different types of carpets or rugs. In general, we utilise a minimum of five cleaning processes for each rug.

          Both choices are viable. You may either arrange for a collection service or send your carpets or rugs to us.

          Yes, one is allowed to walk on the rug while wearing clean shoes or stocking feet. However, you should avoid heavy traffic until the carpet or rug is entirely dried.

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