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Determination of the age of a rug is significant not only for finding its worth but for adopting a suitable cleaning method. However, finding the accurate age of a rug is one challenging task. Both antique and modern era rugs can have similar signs of wear. So, let’s understand how you should determine the right age for a rug!

Modern Vs. Antique Rugs. What’s the difference?

Modern rugs can have similar conditions as an antique rugs. The washed-out and distressed appearance can be misleading. However, modern rugs have fuzzy backing because of fibrous yarns. Modern rugs remain stiff and sturdy despite being worn out.

On the other hand, antique rugs appear smoother and feel sandy on the back. Even though the backing is made from fuzzy yarns, it gets flat with time and pressure.

Pattern and Age

The pattern of a rug tells a lot about its origin and time. Some rugs are made only in a specific era and region. Identification of antique rug is easier as you can study the pattern to narrow down the age and place of origination.

With modern rugs, it is difficult to determine the age. Ancient patterns can be recreated. However, the color fadedness and wear of the rugs can state a clear difference. On modern rugs, the patterns and designs appear printed and not handmade.

Understand Wear and Damages

Most of the rug cleaning services in Australia offer repair work as well. These professionals can repair any kind of rug damages with ease. Usually, ancient rugs that were preserved and maintained have some type of repair work on their back.

So, when you are investing in an ancient rug make sure to check its backing for repair work and oxidization. If the backing appears smooth, then it is not an ancient rug. Beware, as rugs reproduction are a common scam.

Knots and Ages

Turn your rugs to count the number of vertical and horizontal rows in one inch of the weaving. This method is known as counting knots per square inch. Multiplication of horizontal and vertical rows helps in the identification of the age of the rugs. Many eras had a specific knot per square inch. Modern-day rugs have higher KPSI because of the different construction methods. Make sure to count the knots or consult professionals from Our rug cleaning services for the determination of the rug’s age.

Colors and Dyes

Rugs made before the 19th century were dyed in natural vegetable dyes. These naturally dyed rugs tend to fade in a short span. Mere exposure to sunlight and excessive usage made the rugs appear dull.

Modern rugs are dyed using chemical dyes that last for a long time. With forgery issues in the market, modern rugs are sold at the price of ancient rugs. You can notice the sharp band of colors on fivers by using magnifying glasses.

Just be careful before making a final call. Feel free in contacting rug cleaning services in Australia for expert consultation.

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