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Rugs add a lost charm to your home and happen to be the centerpiece of your living space. Being highly-priced rugs are considered an investment. It is necessary to get a professional rug cleaning service so your precious rugs can last for generations.

However, not a lot of rug owners take proper care of their rugs. Some don’t provide the care rug’s need while some perform DIY tricks for its cleaning. These poor measures worsen the condition of your rugs. Let’s understand the consequences of poor rug cleaning, so you don’t end up ruining your valuable rugs.

Color Bleeding

Colorfastness is one of the most common consequences of poor rug cleaning. Mostly, when improper cleaning solution or method is used on the rugs it results in color bleeding. The appearance of your rugs gets ruined with a simple mistake. Your rugs can appear single-colored or faded due to colorfastness.

Some rugs don’t bleed during wet cleaning, but mostly the issue is frequent. When it comes to traditional rugs, these are dyed using vegetable dyes that give disappointing results when cleaned using the wrong methods and cleaning solvent. On the other hand, modern rugs are surface dyed, which results in color bleeding with minor dampness. Usually, the rugs with red dyes tend to bleed heavily, so you need to hire experts and be careful while seeking professional rug cleaners.

New Stains

Rug owners never want their precious rugs to look awful with stains. Experts advise removing rug stains as soon as it incurs. While performing DIY tricks for removing rug stains, we end up adding new stains to the rugs. These newly added stains are usually discoloration caused by using chemicals.

These stains settle deep inside the fibers and are difficult to get rid of. Some stains are irreversible that leave your rugs permanently damaged. Rug stains caused by pets, wine, or blood are most difficult to treat, and spreads all across if not cleaned carefully.

Relying on a professional rug cleaning service is the best solution in such cases. Don’t wait long as fresh stains are easy to treat. Make sure to inform the professionals about the source of stains before you leave the rugs in their hands.


DIY tricks are efficient for surface-level cleaning. That means, despite cleaning the rugs dirt, bacteria, liquid and residue remain settled deep inside the fibers that eventually start releasing odor. A rug with a musty smell can rot gradually as it becomes home to bacteria. If you are performing DIY rug cleaning, make sure to be thorough.

It is best to seek professional help as experts use modern devices that extract dirt, bacteria, and moisture from the carpets.  The use of eco-friendly chemicals and deodorizer helps in eliminating odor from your rugs. You get guaranteed services for rug odor as along with desirable results.

Introduction of Harmful Chemicals

Rug cleaning often involves the use of cleaning agents. Most store-bought cleaners consist of harsh chemicals that can do irreversible damage to your rugs. These chemicals impose health hazards on your loved ones. Here are some harsh chemicals you should avoid while getting your rugs cleaned:

Naphthalene: Naphthalene is effective in keeping moths and bacteria away. However, the use of this chemical is dangerous for humans. You may experience vomiting, nausea, liver damage, and other symptoms.

Ethanol: Used in making rug cleaners, ethanol imposes health risks to humans. If there are traces of this chemical in your rugs you can experience skin irritation and nerves and liver damages.

Perchloroethylene: Exposure to even a slight amount of this chemical can leave you feeling nauseated, dizzy, and tired. Severe exposure can affect your liver and kidney functions as well.

Consider seeking professional rug cleaners as they use specialized cleaning solvents that are safe for rugs and humans as well. Professionals assure complete removal of residue from rugs by rinsing and drying so they can be safe to use.

Water Damages to Rugs

Among the most ideal ways of cleaning, rugs lie steam cleaning. In a hope of saving money, homeowners perform steam cleaning at home. However, your floors are not designed for performing wet rug cleaning and the moisture remains trapped in the porous structure of the flooring.

Moisture remains sitting on the floor that causes equal damage to rugs and floors. Your rugs can quickly develop moulds that impose health risks on your loved ones. Elders and kids suffer badly because of mould spores. From asthma to triggers of allergic reactions, a minor mistake can bring devastating consequences.

Therefore, if you want to avoid serious health risks make sure to dry your water-damaged rugs by availing professional rug cleaning service. Get a dehumidifier quickly so your wet rugs can become dry real soon.

Reduced Lifespan

The worst consequence of improper rug cleaning is the reduced lifespan. You may not notice any change in your rugs after a few cleaning. However, with regular poor washing, the lifespan of your rugs starts diminishing. Additionally, if you perform DIY cleaning tricks that only clean the rug surface, then the dirt trapped under the fibers will continue damaging your rugs.

The dirt trapped in the fibers does more damage every time it is walked upon. Your rugs start wearing out with continuous dust settlement. When you notice the signs of wear on your rugs, you should give a thought to its cleaning method. Therefore, you should avoid the DIY trick for rug cleaning, if you want your rugs to last for generations.

Consider seeking professional rug cleaners for effective cleaning of your rugs and get the wears repaired if there are any.

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