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Rugs aren’t just used as a piece of decoration in commercial spaces, but also prevent slipping accidents and act as a layer of protection for the floorings. Despite having several benefits associated with rugs, there are a few myths that float around among the customers when it comes to commercial rug cleaning Melbourne.

Myths prevent customers from availing themselves of necessary and timely rug cleaning services that hamper the longevity and beauty of the rugs. Call us to avail all the benefits of commercial rug cleaning.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the most common myths associated with rugs.

 1. Rugs should be cleaned, when it starts looking dirty

Business owners are highly motivated towards saving costs. And, delay in availing commercial rug cleaning Melbourne is another way of saving cost. Does that mean it is fine to wait for the rugs to appear visible soiled before availing of professional cleaning services? Probably no! By the time, you wait for rugs to appear visibly dirty, a certain level of damages is already done to their fibers from dust, dirt, molds, and bacteria. It is highly advisable to avail rugs commercial cleaning service Melbourne at least twice a year, for boosting rugs’ lifespan and maintaining its aesthetics.

2. All Rug cleaning companies provide the same services

You may come across several rug cleaning companies while hunting for the best commercial rug cleaning service providers in Melbourne. But not all the service providers fit your requirements. Every rug cleaner has their specialty, follow different cleaning approach and are renowned for providing best-in-class services. So, while looking for the best commercial cleaning service Melbourne make sure to go through the ratings, reviews, specialization, and accreditations. As every rug cleaning company may not stand up to your expectations.

3. It doesn’t matter How the rugs are cleaned

There are several methods of cleaning rugs, but that doesn’t mean all the techniques can be applied to every rug variant. Different rug types need to be cleaned in a specific way. Not all rugs can be steam cleaned or dry cleaned. Wrong use of technique damages the true beauty of rugs while reducing their lifespan. Believing in myths that the rug cleaning method is irrelevant to the rug type can be harmful. You may end up spending a load of money on rugs replacement with such mistakes. Therefore, in case of doubt, consider consulting experts of commercial rug cleaning Melbourne.

 4. If the rugs appear clean, it is clean

Rugs made from different colors, patterns, and designs often do well in hiding dirt. Your rugs may appear clean, despite being home to allergens, and dust. If you are a believer in such myths then the indoor air quality and longevity of your rugs may be at risk. Availing timely rugs commercial cleaning service Melbourne should not be ignored, as dirty rugs may hamper your health causing respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Regardless of your rug’s appearance, make sure to avail professional rug cleaning services at regular intervals.


Hopefully, now that these rug cleaning myths are busted, you must be in a better position to understand the importance of regular commercial rug cleaning. Feel free to contact us in case of doubts despite putting your rugs at risk.

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