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      Commercial Rug Cleaning requirements are stricter than residential. To match up these needs we have a qualified and experienced team of rug cleaners who can handle the toughest cleaning and restoring jobs. At Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne, we provide commercial rug cleaning service for almost all commercial places like corporate offices, retail stores, warehouses, and production factories. We can remove the worst stains like coffee, blood, tea, soft drink, food spills, vomit, red wine, oil, grease, pet urine, nail polish, makeup, etc.

      We offer prompt, professional commercial rug cleaning service in Melbourne.

      • Have the best rug cleaning equipment available.
      • All technicians are trained on a weekly basis and are IICRC certified.
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed results
      • Offer deodorizing with the commercial rug cleaning work.
      • After business hours service, available upon request

      Commercial Rug Cleaning Services

      Is it difficult for you to clean your commercial rug? Contact Us Straight Away!

      Do you need Commercial Rug Cleaning in Melbourne? If you reside in Melbourne and want to be confident that you are obtaining the best office rug cleaning treatments, we are the experts you should contact.

      Our Commercial Rug Cleaning service is designed to assist you in creating a safer and cleaner atmosphere for you and your family members. RCM’s goal is to enhance the purity of your indoor air while also ensuring that you get the best discounts on your carpet cleaning services.

      Commercial Rug Cleaning Can Help You Stay Healthy

      Grimy rugs are unappealing. Not only that, but they are a health risk since they are a perfect breeding place for viruses and bacteria that may make you ill. Even after this, you need not be concerned since we are here to provide you with a thorough cleaning of your rugs.

      Look no further if you discover that your beloved rug has no life left in it. Excellent at salvaging rugs from minor and major issues like water damage and frayed edges. You can rely on RCM to provide a thorough clean. We leave no stone unturned to deliver desired and exceptional outcomes. It is why you will never be sorry for entrusting us with the cleaning work. Furthermore, at RCM, we work harder to establish long-term relationships with our clients since we all understand that anything could go wrong at any time. When you entrust your investments with us, the issue will be treated with precision, whether it is a trail of your pup’s messy footprints or red wine.

      Allow us to handle your dirty carpet cleaning work

      We can effortlessly handle the operation of cleaning commercial rugs here. Whether you are dealing with discolouration, pet stains, odours, or other concerns, we can help you bring new life into your carpets by employing the best in industry commercial rug cleaning treatments and solutions.

      Whether you are a business seeking routine cleanings for your office complex or a household user seeking continuous assistance with maintaining the rugs looking clean and improving indoor air quality, RCM will always be at your side.

      We tailor our commercial rug cleaning services to your unique requirements and needs. We guarantee that you will receive an exquisite and seamless rug cleaning. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our services.

      We clean a variety of rugs

      We clean many varieties of rugs efficiently.

      So, if you have Wool, Persian, Cotton, Turkish, Silk, Oriental, Shag, Synthetic, or any other type of rug, don’t worry because we are here to help.

      Wool Rug Cleaning

      When it comes to cleaning wool rugs, it is essential to give them a thorough wash. It can be accomplished by traditional hand washing. At RCM, we only select cleaning chemicals that are gentle on your rug’s look and feel, as well as a lot of water. It also assists in thoroughly cleansing the fibres of your wool rug.

      Cleaning Cotton Rugs

      Individuals are becoming more inclined to utilise cotton rugs these days. Cotton rugs have a high absorption rate and encourage producers to use vibrant colours. However, this means that this type of carpets would quickly absorb anything and everything in your home. We like to use the best cotton rug cleaning product and work on it with a hand brush to perk up its true colours.

      Shag Rug Cleaning

      Shag rugs are one-of-a-kind elements of home décor. Dirt particles and persistent dust, on the other hand, can readily conceal further inside the surface of your rug. As a result, we thoroughly clean the shag rug. Employing cutting-edge cleaning solutions and high-quality tools will assist you in getting a clean and fresh-looking shag rug. However, remember to vacuum your rug once or twice a week.

      Persian Rug Cleaning

      Persian rugs are known for their complex designs and thick weaving. These patterns typically conceal a large amount of dust, grime, and other contaminants. We rattle your Persian rug to remove dust before washing it with conventional techniques. Persian rugs require special attention and maintenance. As a result, we take every precaution to preserve it in good shape.

      Silk Rug Cleaning

      Silk carpets are famous because of their appearance and feel. However, if silk carpets are not cleaned regularly, they can become damaged and lose their beauty. However, we have developed mild cleaning methods that effectively treat your silk rug and remove dirt, grime, and filth.

      Oriental Rug Cleaning

      Some carpets are simple to clean on your own; however, this is not the case with oriental rugs. Oriental carpets contain fine fibres and therefore appear sophisticated and stunning. It is why you must treat or clean them carefully and professionally. Routine vacuuming would still help remove a lot of dirt and debris, but it would never be comprehensive.

      Turkish Rug Cleaning

      Turkish rugs are among the most famous. Hand-woven Turkish rugs are the most authentic. As a result, you should use extreme caution. Vacuuming is one method of cleaning that you may do on a regular schedule. However, be sure that the vacuum cleaner does not have a brush with stiff bristles. If you consider thoroughly cleaning your rug, you could hire us for thorough cleaning because we are rug care professionals.

      Synthetic Rug Cleaning

      Cleaning synthetic rugs is a headache for homeowners because the strands of the rug reject water from getting through and never permit the cleaning solution to do its work. As a result, we employ rotary agitation equipment with a gentle brush to gently agitate the fibres. As a consequence, we deliver the best outcomes.

      Benefits of Commercial Rug Cleaning Melbourne

      Spark Rug Cleaning is a leading professional rug cleaning specialist for commercial rug cleaning in Melbourne. With over two decades of experience cleaning rugs, we provide a wide array of quality Rug Cleaning Services In Melbourne. Our professionals equipped with the latest technology offer from stain removal to dry/steam cleaning, we can do it all. Also, no need to visit us, we’ll arrive at your doorstep.

      Our rug cleaning technicians are trained specially for rugs to guarantee the proper handling and cleaning of your most beloved rugs. When you have a business to run, leave secondary tasks such as rug cleaning to Spark Rug Cleaning. Being Melbourne’s best rug cleaners, we use advanced techniques and safe rug cleaning products to restore the original beauty of your rugs. Once you hand over your rugs to us stay rest assured that your rugs are in safe hands and proper cleaning of your most beloved rugs will be done.

      Types of Commercial Rug Cleaning

      Here is an explanation of the three main types of rug cleaning techniques that rug cleaning companies can perform on your rugs. We hope this would help you understand what to expect every time you have your rug professionally cleaned.

      1. Dry Powder Cleaning:
      Dry powder cleaning includes a method called “the host system”. In this method, a natural, soft cleaning product is combined with a small amount of detergent, water, and a safe-to-use solvent. Though, it is not considered as a deep-cleaning method as it simply removes dirt from the surface of a carpet. However, this is a proper maintenance commercial rug cleaning technique.

      2. Hot Water Extraction:
      In this method, a combination of high temperatures water mixed and cleaning solvents being injected into the rug at high pressure to loosen the dirt, stains, and soil from its fibre. A powerful vacuum machine extracts the dirty water and debris from the carpet. The Hot Water Extraction method involves effective deep-cleaning for commercial use; removing dirt trapped way down into the rug fibres.

      3. Professional Steam cleaning:
      In Professional steam cleaning, steam is excluded at high pressure to remove bacteria, odour, and dust mites. This method removes mould, dirt, and scents from rugs as well as significantly enhance and restores their original beauty. This deep cleaning is ideal for both residential and commercial rug cleaning in Melbourne.

      Importance of Commercial Rug Cleaning

      Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne is one of the leading rug cleaning companies in Australia. Trust that we will go above and beyond when cleaning your commercial rugs. To keep your offices, minimize and functional downtime we are flexibly available i.e. we can work on weekends, early mornings, or late evenings. We intend to provide quick and highest quality commercial rug cleaning service in a timely manner while offering affordable prices and the best possible work environment to your employee.

      We offer reliable and professional quality commercial rug cleaning service in Melbourne. We always look for our customer’s convenience, so we schedule rug cleaning to avoid interrupting your business hours. Give a call to one of our representatives or can even request a quote.

      Why hire us for Rug Cleaning?

      At Spark Rug Cleaning, our experts recommend you the best commercial rug cleaning service depending on the style of your rug, the amount of dirt it holds, and the result you wish to achieve. We have ample experience in the field and we’ve always proven to be the best in the entire Melbourne.

      We take pride and passion in our rug cleaning job. Hence, we are here, we will help you restore the clean environment you’ve always loved. Thank you for trusting Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne. For more information, you may call 0480014589 or ask for a  Quote.


      In encapsulation cleaning is a type of rug cleaning, where the rug is first vacuumed before applying encapsulating chemicals. Then, rotary agitation machinery is used on the rug; allowing encapsulating chemicals to isolate and absorb the dirt on the rug. It then lets the isolated dirt be vacuumed. This cleaning process is fast and with minimum downtime, since this is a low-moisture system, rugs can be put back into use quickly.

      Yes, if you’re too busy to drop your rugs for cleaning, our team is readily available to pick up your rugs, wash and dry them thoroughly and drop them back, saving you time. Stay rest assure as we provide professional pick-up and delivery service throughout Melbourne.

      Yes, all our cleaners are IICRC certified.

      This method is a great rug maintenance-cleaning method for commercial rug cleaning, perfect to maintain the surface of a high foot traffic rug.

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