Safe and Professional Persian Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

      Quality handcrafted Persian rugs are an investment, but they are meant to be in good condition for the long run. To maintain your rug’s condition, we recommend having them professionally cleaned every year, or more frequently in high-traffic areas.

      A spill or pet mishap may occur in some situations; timely and appropriate cleaning may frequently restore the brilliance of a rug’s fibres, safeguarding your investment for years to come. We help you to get the best possible rug cleaning in Melbourne.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne is a renowned company that offers top-notch Persian rug cleaning services. Our rug cleaning specialist are well-trained, experienced and certified. Once you call us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

      Our Standard Rug Cleaning Procedure

      To provide the best care for delicate fibres, we adhere to a strict set of procedures. Following a comprehensive study of your rug, our team will guide you through and detail the method we prescribe, as well as provide tips for good care to avoid any damage. Our team is of master artisans that have proven to be professionals in their respective fields. No matter how tough a restoration appears to be, you can rely on our experts to give a perfect solution.

      Here are the main steps of our cleaning procedure:

      We perform a prewash examination to analyse the state of the garment. Then we determine the best suitable cleaning for particularly that fabric.

      Cleaning Strategy

      Our best rug cleaners then offer a cleaning strategy to handle any stains or damages that may need to be addressed.

      Rug Washing

      To maintain the delicate fibres of each flooring, we conduct a thorough cleaning with care.


      Thorough washing is then performed to eliminate any residual soap and particulates.

      Drying Procedure

      We dry those rugs in our distinctive, two-story-high drying balcony, which was custom-engineered.


      Rugs are thoroughly examined before they are released for delivery or pick-up.

      We are happy to provide the following services in addition to our basic rug cleaning service:

      • Cleaning using Steam
      • Cleaning by hand (delicate textiles/tapestries)
      • Deodorization or Decontamination of Urine
      • Moth Prevention
      • Storage and Shipping Preparation
      • A commercial rug cleaning in Melbourne

      Every rug is authentic and valuable till it gets stained or damaged. However, we can fix your dirty flooring by implanting our best cleaning strategies and technical experience. Give us a call for the best Persian rug cleaning in Melbourne, and all your worries related to your flooring will vanish away.

      Protect Your Rug with Our Fiber Protection

      Fibre shielding forms a barrier around each fibre. When stains have difficulties sticking to the threads, eliminating stains becomes easier, and dirt is vacuumed up more effectively, resulting in an area rug or carpet that remains cleaner and looks newer for longer with care and maintenance.

      Fibre treatment also enhances the fibre’s resistance to water and oil-based stains, dirt from shoes, and general wear and tear. Connect with us now, and you will get to know more about our rug cleaning services.

      Persian rugs are well-known for their longevity, although damage can occur due to heavy wear, age, or faults created by a furry family member. Our experienced weavers can restore your rugs to near-original condition, whether the colour has faded from years in the sun, wear patches from foot traffic, or a chewed-up corner from a new dog.

      These damages do not mean that you have to replace the rug, you can contact us for rug cleaning and repair, and we will find the perfect solution for you. Furthermore, our experts will discuss the techniques we recommend for restoring your rug and give tips to minimise future damage. Apart from Persian rugs, we clean all rug types and offer hassle-free commercial rug cleaning in Melbourne.

      Moth Repair for Your Valuable Persian Rug

      Tineola bisselliella, the carpet moth, is the most common bug that causes damage to Persian rugs. A female moth may lay up to 200 eggs in her life, and it is her larvae that cause rug fibre degradation. Rug moth larvae have a voracious hunger for the keratin found in natural fibres such as wool and silk, and will contentedly dwell in the warmth and darkness of the pile, devouring what they require to develop. The rug moth is tiny and unobtrusive, and it is common to not discover a moth infestation until significant damage has occurred.

      Because these critters love filthy animal fibre, keeping your rug clean is a crucial preventative precaution. Rugs that are in storage are especially vulnerable. Carpet moths enjoy both darkness and filth; therefore, rugs in storage are more prone to damage than rugs in use. But we have a solution for you. Connect with us now to know more about our rug cleaning services in Melbourne.


      1. What happens to rugs if not handled by professionals?

      Cleaning a Persian rug is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires precision treatment, skills, and equipment to obtain the best possible results. If you don’t hire a professional to clean your Persian rug, it can cause irreversible damage and can ruin your Persian rug forever. It is always best to choose Commercial Cleaning Service Gold Coast.

      2. How to take care of my delicate and antique rugs?

      Be it any rug, made up of any fabric, colour, size, or design, it needs exact treatment, skill, and equipment. If you want to restore your rug in its original form without a single damage, contact our rug cleaning professionals. We remove all the dirt and dust hidden in your rugs with appropriate techniques and care.

      3. What reactions do you get for your Persian rug cleaning services?

      Spark Rug Cleaning Gold Coast provides a prestigious Persian rug cleaning service. We are always rewarded by receiving smiles on our customer’s faces, which means every customer is satisfied with the services that we provide. We are happy to tell you that our customers shower their love on us when we return a restored rug.

      4. Within how many days can I get your service after booking?

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Gold Coast, we provide 24×7 Persian Rug Cleaning Gold Coast services. If you make the booking today we’ll be available on the same day or as per your given convenient time. Moreover, we also provide a home pickup and delivery service.

      5. Do you take any delivery charges with your service?

      No, we do not charge extra to provide pick and drop service for your rugs. All the charges that we take are included in our rug cleaning services. In case of any additional information or query, call any of our rugs cleaning service providers.

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