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      Everyone knows that cleaning a rug is wrought with challenges, specifically if your rugs are antique or made of delicate materials like silk. At Spark Rug Cleaning, our professional rug cleaners understand this and provide the cost-effective and safest methods available for cleaning your delicate rugs.

      Our rug washing in Melbourne can restore even your Persian or shag rugs to their original beautiful condition. Our rug cleaning services are also primed to ensure that your floor coverings’ life will be prolonged. We specialize in cleaning methods that can:

      • Remove Stains
      • Remove bacteria build-up
      • Protect from stains in the future
      • Provide repairs to the fabric and underlay

      Our Services

      Rug Cleaning & Protection

      Safeguarding is critical for your rug’s long-term health.

      Urine Treatment

      Urine odour elimination from rugs

      Rug Underlay

      To keep your rug from sliding on glossy floorings, use a high-quality rug underlay.

      Deodorising Rugs

      We will clean your rugs and deodorise them. We can remove any odour like pets, smoke, mould, etc.

      Pick-up & Delivery

      Pick-up and delivery are available throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and around the Mornington Peninsula on Thursday mornings.

      Treatment for Moths

      Remove moth larvae and serve as a repellent for moths.

      We Pick Up, Clean & Deliver…... Easy!!!

      Worried about your heavily soiled rugs and urine-soiled rugs? Stressed about how to manage time and drop your stained rugs for cleaning? Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne is there to resolve your rug issues. All you have to do is just book our rug cleaning service. We pick up the rug from your premises and take it to our rug cleaning facility.

      The process that we follow:

      • First, our professional rug cleaners inspect for damage and then beat the dust from the rug
      • Then, the rug is washed by either hand or machine, whatever is suitable
      • Any extra stain removal and non-toxic detergents are applied to the rug
      • The rug is then dried in a controlled climate drying room
      • After drying rug is groomed, inspected, and delivered back to you from where it was picked up

      We guarantee our work and the quality of our services. If by any chance, you are not happy with our Rug Cleaning Services, please contact us and we will re-clean the problem areas of concern.

      Types of Rug Cleaning Services

      Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne offers two different types of Rug Cleaning Melbourne to meet your rug cleaning needs – factory rug cleaning and home rug cleaning.

      1. Factory Rug Cleaning:
      We pick up your rugs and bring them to our facility where we have all of the equipment necessary to clean your rugs. This is the method our Rug Cleaning Specialists recommend if your rugs are delicate in some way made of silk or another delicate fabric, hand-woven, or antique.

      2. Home rug cleaning:
      Our best rug cleaners visit your home and steam clean your rugs right there at your premises. It is highly effective on sturdier, store-bought varieties.

      No matter which method you choose, you can trust us to do the job right! We handle your rugs safely and appropriately. We are always prompt and courteous and bring with us the expertise you have come to expect from Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne. Our experience and knowledge in the rug cleaning industry will satisfy you and choosing us as your best decision for your rug cleaning service with us!

      Our Approach to Rug Cleaning Melbourne

      We believe that it is crucial to clean your rug regularly. The reason is rugs and carpets absorb dust and other germs, which trigger allergies and other respiratory problems. The problem lies in how you go about the rug cleaning procedure. Many choose a DIY approach to rug cleaning and leave behind lots of dangerous debris hidden in the rug during the process.

      However, it is always advisable to go for professional Rug Cleaning in Melbourne. 

      One such reputed company is Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne, which has top Professional Rug Cleaners. Our business model combines both old-world technique and modern technology. When we perform the rug cleaning process, we delicately clean rugs or carpets by hand and by machine on both sides, with a natural cleaning solution.

      Besides having your rug thoroughly cleaned out, there are many other reasons to go for a professional rug cleaning service.

      • Your rugs’ lifespan lengthens
      • You get rid of bedbugs and dust mites
      • Provides more hygiene
      • Saves a lot of time
      Why hire us for Rug Cleaning Melbourne?

      Most rug cleaning companies clean all types of rugs and carpets by machine only. Do you know rug cleaning is an art? Spark Rug Cleaning Melbourne takes pride in restoring your rugs by hand. We have earned a strong reputation with our clients, by delivering delicate care for your cherished valuables.

      Further, our rug cleaning services are highly recommended by rug retailers, insurance companies, and customers throughout Melbourne and areas of Melbourne. Call us today on 0480014589 to inquire further about our rug cleaning in Melbourne, or to make a Booking, and let us take care of the rest.


      Yes, our professional rug cleaners provide the deepest and delicate rug cleaning service for your Persian rugs, expensive rugs, flokati rugs, shags, outdoor throws, silk carpets, antique rugs, decorator rugs, American-made rugs, and machine-made area rugs.

      Research has stated that indoor air quality improves when rugs and carpets are cleaned thoroughly.

      We use the most frequently diagnosed solutions to eradicate juice, food, and dirt stains, flood damage, fringe stains, pet stains, mildew, or other odours and to restore your rugs.

      Yes, our rug cleaning specialist ensures to keep your rugs’ lustre and natural colors looking fresh and vibrant. We can maintain the beauty of your rug for a long time, as well as keep it healthy and vibrant.

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